Friday, June 24, 2011

The Misadventures of a British-Texan in South Philly

Map of the Newbold neighborhood

Recently (about two weeks ago), I packed up my worldly possessions into a Penske truck and relocated to South Philly. So far, my opinions are that the neighborhood of Newbold is super diverse, Philadelphians are friendly, and that there is an overabundance of brick and concrete. (Kidding!!!)

 Philadelphia streets are decorated with murals. I love this part of city life. I really love this mural in Passyunk and Tasker

I live in Newbold, a neighborhood right off Broad and Mifflin that markets itself as diverse and up-and-coming. I have discovered that in Philadelphia, up-and-coming means on the edge of scarytown. In Austin, my last homebase, we had nothing like the urban decay that creeps around the corners of some streets here in Philly. 

But....I digress. Why Philly Misadventures? Well, since moving here, I have had a few mini-disasters happen. 

First was moving into the house to discover that the old residents apparently had a cat collection that rivaled a small army, and that these cats had wild run of the basement, leading to the most disgusting combination of cat pee and cat hair that you can imagine....

Second was the freak thunderstorm that ripped the downspout off the house, leading to a load of water seeping into a crack on the exterior wall, causing giant bubbles to form on the kitchen ceiling which began to pour torrents of water down onto the kitchen floor. 

Third was me getting my roadbike tire caught in the trolley tracks on Passyunk Avenue, flipping over my handlebars and getting a goose-egg on my head, periosteal bruise on my leg, and lots of bruises in other places...but no concussion!

Philadelphia in 1929:  from

So...the inspiration for the blog stems from my theory that no matter your luck or lack of adventurous spirit, whenever you move to a new place, there are a series of misadventures, or crazy things that happen and seem much nuttier because you just don't belong there yet. Also, I wanted a site to catalogue all of the great events that are happening here in Philly for an external audience that maybe doesn't have the time to look into these activities themselves.

My hope for Philly Misadventures is to provide a site that reviews and recommends city happenings, venues, activities, museums, etc. so that all the residents of this City of Brotherly Love can have more fun, and tell better stories.

Misadventure for today: walking to Bicycle Therapy to pick up my new bike. It has wider tires.


  1. I prefer to refer to this blog as, " The many reasons Patience should move back to Austin."
    Nevermind the obvious reasons:
    TX is bigger than PA
    Therefore, Austin is better than Philly.
    ....and we have more guns, YEEEHAAAAAW!

  2. Oh! I just discovered this account of you series of unfortunate events! Honey bunny! Well... Sometimes new cities make you prove to them that you REALLY REALLY want to be there. Tough it out - I bet she'll get easier on you. Hope so! If not, well... You know you always have a place to go where you'll be welcomed with open arms! We miss you horribly! In jewelry class we basically all just lay on the floor and cry and call your name over and over. Well, not really - but almost! xoxoxo!

  3. I miss jewelry classssssssss so much. I miss my friends. And Austin., P