Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Double-Decker Train Misadventure

 The Kinzua Bridge  --- a place I hope to visit this fall or winter

Steamboats, Viaducts, and Railways

"Motions and Means, on land and sea at war
With old poetic feeling, not for this,
Shall ye, by Poets even, be judged amiss!
Nor shall your presence, howsoe'er it mar
The loveliness of Nature, prove a bar
To the Mind's gaining that prophetic sense
Of future change, the point of vision, whence
May be discovered  what in soul ye are.
In spite of all that beauty may disown
In your harsh features, Nature doth embrace
Her lawful offspring in Man's art; and Time,
Pleased with your triumphs o'er his brother Space,
Accepts from your bold hands the proffered crown
Of hope, and smiles on you with cheer sublime."

--- William Wordsworth, 1835

Last weekend, I rode a double-decker New Jersey transit train to and from my cousin's house in North Jersey...it was amazing! I rode on the bottom on the way there, and on the top on the way back. The top is definitely the way to go......it's like flying very shallowly: barely coasting above the ground as you pass through urban desolation, graffiti, trees, into suburbia....and back.

In other news, it is fall! Autumn snuck her way through and especially over the last few days it feels different here. The season is quieter, somehow. I am planning a trip out of the city soon to look at the trees as they change. I haven't seen it in so long; but my memories tell me that the switch happens fast...

Another view of the Kinzua, before the 2003 tornado came and knocked most of it down.

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