Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Rain

When I lived in Mexico, I made a small poster for my wall that read "Mexico is so loud" and listed the many daily cacophonies of that place. I love San Miguel, but damn.....loudness.

Lately, with the birth of Spring, South Philly also has become very is stoop sittin' weather, so everyone who stayed inside during our winter that wasn't is now outside. Outside in Philly sounds like: trucks and cars, police helicopters, people yelling at each other (in a seemingly amicable way), kids screeching on bikes and shooting each other with toy guns, horns blasting from Broad Street; in general, the city has woken up with the season.

The trees are blooming and so is the neighborhood. I live in the Newbold neighborhood of South Philly: very close to the stadiums and just off the busy-ness of Broad Street. Cars come peeling by at all hours, and everyone seems excited that the sun is back.

Today, though, it is raining and mostly quiet. I am reminded of Steve Nieve's album "Windows" from a few years ago....I wish I could post some tracks here but only have the album and there seem to be no videos!

Look On Down From the Bridge

Mazzy Star is my band for rainy days: always has been. I remember listening to them years ago, as a freshman in high school, on cool wintery days in Texas, and now on my stoop in Philadelphia.

I've Been Let Down

Be My favorite

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