Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Botanical Misadventure - Why You Should Go to Terrain

In the Furniture Gallery at Terrain

Yesterday, my friend Diana made the short trek to Glen Mills, Pennsylvania and went to Terrain, the magical, mystical spot that is a nursery/showhouse/restaurant operated by the Anthropologie company. We were very pleased to discover that they were having a summer and tent sale, and took advantage of lots of amazing deals! 

Example terrarium in the, you guessed it, terrarium section

My love for nurseries, arboretums and botanical gardens is well known by most people who know me, and I had heard about Terrain a few years ago while reading my favorite gardening blog of all time, You Grow Girl, and immediately wanted to visit....but of course, life intervened. However, I made it, only two years later and was absolutely blown away...

Gigantic staghorn fern in the center of the main greenhouse

 The gift of presentation is one that all Terrain designers must possess....I think

 In need of many tiny bottles? 

 Or a design idea for a dream country kitchen?

Or simply, the most beautiful petunia ever created? (Yes...I bought this one)

Yes, Terrain is overwhelming and many items there are very expensive, but the landscape of ideas is amazing! Everywhere you look are stunning yet very simple ways of organizing the everyday items of home and garden in an incredibly beautiful way. We sat for over an hour in the Furniture Gallery and talked: I wanted to move in. After all, don't each and every one of us have a dream-house, whether in the city or in the country, swimming around in our imaginations? Terrain is good for making those imaginary rooms and gardens a bit clearer...

Miniature Geraniums!

A little bit of all things beautiful....

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