Friday, April 20, 2012

39 Days

James McMurtry - No More Buffalo

Last year, for my 30th birthday, my friends and I went to see James McMurtry play at the Continental Club in Austin. I had never seen him, and really only been to the famous Continental a few times in all my years in Austin. Before the show, my really good friends and I met up at Gueros for drinks and snacks, and later went on to the show. My friend Elizabeth helped me heckle the band to play my favorite songs, with little friend Jacquie bought me round after round of drinks and even found a soldier newly back from Iraq to share the cheer of drink buying with. Rodi and Lyndsy and Chuck were there. We danced and drank and I loved it. I didn't realize how, a year and a half later, I would miss that night like crazy, and all the times that I had in that town that I really didn't appreciate until I left.

Now I am sitting in my living room on the same furniture that populated my little cottage in Hyde Park, across from the golf course. And as I sit here, I realize I could never have gotten "here" had I not given up all that I knew and loved and took the risk that I did. Took the risk, lost a lot, made more than I ever started with, and am still standing.

The Replacements - Unsatisfied

1. Getting greeted by the sixth graders in Portuguese today 
2. More interest in space....the students loved the information on the International Space Station and wanted to know all about it
3. Hanging out with a friend's magical kids this evening
4. Writing a short but important letter
5. Trusting that friends will be there no matter where you actually are in physical space....

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