Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Violation Misadventure - 36 Days

Today, I came home to find my house had been broken into. Not much had been stolen, but my stuff (and my roommate's stuff) was EVERYWHERE.

Couch cushions, books, curios, coffee table, bedsheets, clothes, fabric, etc. are now strewn as if someone was looking for something like drugs or money. I guess that is what they were looking for....

Public Enemy - Shut 'Em Down

After a visit from five Philly cops and four friends, locks were changed and a safety pole was installed. I am still, however, firmly ensconced on my couch. I am going to stay here tonight.

1. Friends, no matter how new, who will be there for you when you need them and who will laugh with the Philly cops who, ultimately, are people, too
2. Learning from a coworker that your students are talking obsessively about space during after school detention
3. Wednesday afternoons when you are given time to get work done and you leave at 4 feeling like it is all finished for the next day
4. Friends who, no matter how old, will call you and talk to you and say how nice it is to hear your voice
5. Giant fabric stashes that yield emergency curtains when the need when you need to cover windows so people can't see in.

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