Friday, May 18, 2012

21 Days

Ask - The Smiths

1. Unique, creative and weird students who fix ripped posters of other students with delicate, zig-zagged hot glue patterns.
2. That same unique, creative and weird student making nunchucks out of pencils and string, donning a mask he found somewhere, and dancing in front of the class. This would have been an instance of Lewis time.
3. Hugs from students throughout the day.
4. Great conversations with a student with a supremely huge deck stacked against him...and feeling, in that moment, that he knows I really care about him. I hope that is good enough and gives him more of a chance.
5. After school, hanging out in the hallways with kids, being silly and stupid and funny. 

I am going to miss them! (Even though they drive me crazy sometimes....a lot of times...)

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