Wednesday, May 9, 2012

27 Days

***Please forgive my using Dave Matthews Band - Two Step....but it is a really great song!!!

Let's just say the transition back into Philadelphia is a bit rough when you have been in a tropical paradise with someone you don't want to leave. The grey stone, the grey cement, the blockish nature of the city and then the general filth and drudgery is just hard to take after so many days of palm trees, sunshine, fresh fruit, friendliness, and new friends offering to fake themselves as doctors so that you can stay.

That being said, hugs from seventh and sixth graders early this morning were a very nice reminder that not all is bad, and in fact, much is good. Mostly what is good is the hilarious nature of middle they do things that make no sense and render me with an expression akin to total bewilderment. Imagine one boy hiding in a closet, another one throwing a chair because I called his mother after he ran around like a lunatic in the halls and on the stairs, another girl blatantly yelling at a guest teacher of a special group just because she doesn't know her, and yet another one telling me to "Shut Up!". 

My main strategy, especially at this point, is to just not worry and to relax and laugh as much as possible.

1. Hugs from many students this morning and thinly-veiled warnings of violence if I ever leave them again before the summer.
2. Sitting at a conference table with a small group of seventh graders and realizing that I have no control over them and just sitting there, laughing to myself and wondering whether they have any clue as to what they are doing.
3. Waking up to rain tapping and wind rattling the windows in my bedroom.
4. Surprise photos.
5. Daydreams.....planning, and getting ready....

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