Thursday, May 10, 2012

26 Days...or, a Pile of Books

MIA - Galang

Sometimes, days with the students are extra special and crazy. This morning, one of my favorite students magically became in possession of a meter stick. Said meter stick began to be beaten on the tables, until it was taken away. Then, he magically became in possession of two metal poles (still don't know where he found these), which proceeded to be banged on the surface of the tables and on the tables' legs. Those were eventually forfeit, as well. Soon after, whilst rolling over the surface of one table, he said,  "But Miss Blythe! I can't sit still!!!!!"

I replied, while looking desperately around the room for something to soothe the ADD-raddled savage beast, "You! Bookcase! Organize it!" He said....."ok" and proceeded to sit on the floor and pull every book out of a triple-decker bookcase. He made a huge pile of books on the floor and began to sing hip-hop and R&B songs while making beautiful and precisely organized shelves of books.

So there you go. 

Ani DiFranco - Anticipate

1. Being open and flexible to understanding the weird alternatives that middle school kids sometimes need to do to stop from bugging out.
2. Seeing the connections that students make about space and science and watching the trust in themselves and their intelligence develop in the form of questions and answers during discussions.
3. Dinner parties in beautifully decorated, tiny, old houses in South Philly.
4. Ant----ic----i----pation
5. Asking questions

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