Monday, May 14, 2012

23 Days

Once in a Lifetime - Talking Heads

Over the weekend, I posted most of my worldly goods on Craigslist. I am hoping to break even on my moving costs by selling off my possessions, and maybe buy a new dress! (Oh will I ever tire of buying amazing vintage dresses? Methinks not...)

Today, I received a barrage of emails over the course of a few hours. My students were working on designing space stations, and I was receiving email after email from people offering to buy my things. Tonight, the first one went: my turn of the century pine hutch is now home sweet home in Upper Darby, with a couple from Ohio. In the rain, we loaded that beloved piece of furniture into and onto their car, and off it went.

Here was the hutch, in its full glory, in my old room in Austin....I love orange walls!!!

Words can't really describe how much I loved that room!

The walls were Lifejacket Orange, if I am remembering rightly. The ceiling was bright blue and the trim was metallic silver....

Old Craft Table....I built this table with 6 legs. Only 2 of them actually touched the ground at first! 

So.....time passes, and things come and go. Right now it is raining and very humid. My neighbors just came home and are parking their rickety, clacking car across from my house. They yell, at each other and at their kids, almost constantly. The rain falls, the air is still. Tomorrow is Tuesday....more space stations are on the horizon!

1. Students telling me that they were hanging out over the weekend (a group of 5 6th grade boys) and were staring up at the stars and they found Betelgeuse and Jupiter...and were so excited that they chose to tell me about it!
2. A 7th grader with a clothespin in his bangs, swinging his head back and forth and singing "I whip my head back and forth" in time.
3. Researching The Book
4.  Realizing that I am moving out of Philly in a month!
5. Time at night to listen to the sounds of this crazy city, and rain, and music.

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